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KOPER QUÍMICA S.L. has developed three systems which are perfectly adapted to the use of applicators and DIY.

Microcret UltraFlex Clasik

This system includes all the necessary products for the application of Microcret microcement.

Microcret EneFlex FV

Through this system, the final result is the same as in Microcret® UltraFlexClasik, but the difference is that a boanding interface and a fiberglass mesh are not necessary.

Microcret EcoFlex RLU

It is our quick and ready-to-use single-component microcement, perfect for any kind of job, especially for swimming pools and bathrooms. The mixture is made only with water and has the same finish and performance as Microcret Base Ultra-Flex and Microcret Fino Ultra-Flex.

The Microcret EcoFlex RLU system evaluates the efforts to achieve a reliable protection, demonstrating our commitment to the environment.

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