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Microcret Base UltraFlex

It is a cementitious adhesive which regularizes and repairs walls and floors. It is suitable for water immersion and it is applied on old stoneware, cement mortar, concrete and gypsum surfaces. It provides a big capacity of adhesion and resistance to compression and shearing.

Microcret Fino UltraFlex

It is a cement coating for walls and floors. It has to be applied over Microcret Base Ultra-Flex and it provides a seamless finish.

KB Surface bonding

It facilitates the adhesion between MICROCRET microcement and the rest of substrates such as cement, concrete, plasterboards...The KB surface bonding forms an elastic film, sticky and resistant, which will make the adhesion of the mesh to the existing support easier

Fiberglass mesh in rolls of 50m length.

KB blending resin

By adding KB blending resin to MICROCRET microcement we improve the adhesion, the mechanical and crack resistance and the flexion.

Acrilat sealer

This quick drying product for Microcement forms a homogenizing film over the applied coating providing high hardness and elasticity.

Top Coat 2K EcoPlus

It is a two-component aliphatic polyurethane water-based varnish of the last generation with great performance. With TOP COAT 2K EcoPlus we can cover any surface like wood, conglomerate, microcement, concrete, marble, sandstone... It offers a long-lasting protection, resistance to abrasion and waterproof qualities. It is can be produced in gloss, matte or satin finish.

Top Coat 1k

It is a single-component aliphatic water-based varnish. It’s a very flexible and high hardness material. It is only produced in satin finish, given that it is the most natural result.

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