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KOPER QUÍMICA S.L. is a Spanish company which produces microcement and chemical systems for the construction industry with the latest German technology. We have more than 40 years of experience producing chemical products.

Among our great variety of chemical products the best is the microcement
MICROCRET®. It is a high quality chemical system which makes unique and exclusive the application of our microcement.

Our Quality Management System has been certified by TÜV SÜD.

MICROCRET® is a coating based on cement combined with polymers, fibers, aggregates and pigments. MICROCRET® is sold on the market by KOPER QUÍMICA S.L., Spanish producers of chemical systems and microcement for the construction.

MICROCRET® microcement has a thickness of 2-3 mm and a big capacity of adhesion to many surfaces, so it is perfect for floor and walls renovations without modifying the base support. As a result we save time and money.

The final result of
MICROCRET® is a waterproof surface without joints and with resistance to abrasion and to heavy traffic. This result is possible thanks to TOP COAT 2K EcoPlus, last generation German technology and one of the most advanced product on the market.

Our microcement
MICROCRET® can be used indoors and outdoors, on floors, walls, roofs, ceilings kitchens, bathrooms, countertops, furniture, baths, swimming pools... Moreover, the last layer, TOP COAT 2K EcoPlus is a VOC-free and environmentally friendly product, making it ideal for the screed concrete of hospitals, nurseries, schools and food companies among

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